“Brexit impasse leads to stand-off in housing market as buyers and sellers both stay away”, October 2019

“Scotland continues to buck UK property market trends, with sales north of the border again defying predictions of a Brexit-related slump.”, September 2019

“Brexit has made UK property investors more cautious but real estate spending spree could follow when the country eventually leaves the European Union, according to a new survey.”, September 2019

Currently the most talked about issue facing the UK investment market, Brexit uncertainty has cause ripple effects across many different sectors and markets. The UK housing market is experiencing a mixed response with the south of UK experiencing asset price depreciation, whilst the north and Scotland experience some growth in property prices. In a recent survey almost all respondents noted that deals were slowing down and investors, sellers and vendors were taking a more cautious approach.

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“An industry round-table recently discussed the needs of tenants and landlords in the private rental sector (PRS).”, December 2019

“A number of indicators suggested that the private rented sector (PRS) showed signs of levelling off in November, according to the Goodlord Rental Index.”, December 2019

“Housing market slows as rent costs hit record high”, December 2019

“What tenants want to see in a rental property of the future”, December 2019

“The private rented sector has also been expanding rapidly, growing by 63% between 2007 and 2017.”, December 2019

“A decade of growth and profit: private rented sector booms over last 10 years”, December 2019

“Homeownership has dropped across the world, as 22 of the 36 most developed countries experienced a decline in the past 10 years, research from Swinton Insurance has found.

The UK and Ireland saw the steepest decline of all, of 11% since 2008.”, November 2019

“The average UK rent is now £953 after rising by 2.7% in the year to October 2019, HomeLet’s rental index has revealed.”, November 2019

“Landlords are positive ahead of the general election in the UK and say that too much attention is given to the idea that the private rented sector is a problem which requires management.”, October 2019

“New trade body formed for short-term lets industry”, October 2019

“…landlords have had to shell out £4.5 billion on emergency contractors in the last year alone, according to the study from Direct Line for Business.”, October 2019

“Landlords are warning of a rented housing supply crisis in the UK as a new survey shows more landlords are selling properties than buying whilst demand continues to increase.”, October 2019

“Void periods in the private rental sector increased during September, with the exception of London, according to the latest rental index from Goodlord.”, October 2019

“More than 94% of family homes are unaffordable to local housing allowance (LHA) claimants, according to analysis of private rental listings.”, October 2019

“The value of the senior living sector’s private rental market is expected to increase by £2.1bn by 2024, according to global property consultancy Knight Frank.”, October 2019

“Good news for landlords: less than half of tenants are interested in buying a property”, October 2019

“The government’s consultation ‘A new deal for renting: resetting the balance of rights and responsibilities between landlords and tenants’ draws to a close on 12th October 2019.”, October 2019

“Demand for privately rented accommodation continues to rise across the UK, and according to a new survey 69% of tenants expect to still be renting in three years’ time.”, September 2019

“The National Landlords Association (NLA) and the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) will join together to form the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) to cast a stronger voice for the private rented sector.”, August 2019

“The private rented sector in the UK is now comprised of more than 4.5 million households. Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) figures from 2019 have revealed that the proportion of private renters aged 35 to 54 has almost doubled in ten years.”, August 2019

“With the private rented sector now the second-largest tenure in the UK, improving standards has risen up the agenda. This new report sees Professor Alex Marsh and Professor Ken Gibb explore the substantial changes in regulation in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”, August 2019


“Private rental sector ‘not meeting the needs of families’, report finds”, December 2019

“Responses to proposed Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill published”, November 2019

“Housing consultant Anna Evans provides a summary of independent research undertaken by Indigo House on the impact of short-term lets on communities across Scotland.”, October 2019

“A unique service within Glasgow City Council is working with families living in the city’s private rented sector (PRS) to prevent homelessness and address issues relating to child poverty.”, October 2019

“Kingdom Housing Association’s Nick Pollard discusses whether the law regarding Mid-Market Renting in Scotland is outdated, counter-productive and detrimental to the affordable housing sector and its tenants and participants.”, October 2019

“Private landlords who commit to providing affordable housing should be given the same financial support as housing associations to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, according to Scottish Land & Estates (SLE).”, September 2019

“safeagent and Landlord Accreditation Scotland (LAS) have partnered to provide Scottish letting agents with a unique offering of specialist training and professional development.”, September 2019

“Apropos by DJ Alexander believes that it is the beginning of the end for let only tenancies. The firm believes that let only tenancies have historically been subsidised by tenants’ fees and, since their ban in June, agents will now increase charges to landlords to cover their lost revenue.”, September 2019

So, why invest in the Scottish rental housing market?

“Landlords in Scotland still have faith in private rented sector, says survey 89% have no plans to exit the business and 70% have no plans to sell properties”, November 2019

“An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.  Average 2-bedroom private rents up by 2.4%”, November 2019

“South Lanarkshire and the southside of Glasgow are among of the most lucrative areas in the UK for landlords, providing some of the country’s highest buy-to-let yields, according to new research.”, October 2019

“Over the last ten years, there has been a 24% rise in the number of households aged over 65 in a period when the overall number of households has risen by 8% over the same time. The number of owner-occupiers in the over 65 age group has increased by 30% over the last decade compared with a fall of 4.5% living in social housing and an increase of 47.1% in the private rented sector.”, September 2019

“Total new housing supply in Scotland (new builds, refurbishments and conversions) increased by 15% in 2018-19, to 22,273 new housing units, or 2,953 more homes than the previous year, the sixth consecutive annual increase in total housing supply, and the highest annual figure since 2008-09.”, September 2019

“Five cities have been targeted – Dundee, Edinburgh, Inverness, Perth and Stirling – following the agreement between Scottish housebuilder Springfield Properties and Sigma Capital Group, the Edinburgh-based residential development and urban regeneration specialist.”, September 2019

“Over the last two decades the number of households in Edinburgh living in the PRS has doubled to 60,000, making up around 26% of homes. The national average is 15%. This is almost a mirror image of social housing where we have only 14% against a national average of 24%.”, August 2019

“Rental properties in Glasgow and its surrounding areas pay for themselves faster than anywhere else in the UK, according to new research.”, July 2019

“The Nationwide Foundation has commissioned a three-year study that will learn from the experiences of households living in and landlords operating in the private rented sector in Scotland. The learning will help to shape further changes needed to support the Scottish approach and it will also make the case for modernisation to the private rented sector in other parts of the UK.”, June 2019

“Even if we don’t see the capital growth which has been evident over the past two decades, the income available from property investment can still be attractive compared with other asset classes.”, June 2019

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