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October 2016: Carling Property Group acquire Alloway Halls in Dundee and become Scotland’s largest independent residential landlord

Dundee property firm Carling Property Group has this week confirmed the acquisition of Alloway Halls in Dundee from Abertay University in a seven figure deal that sees them take the lead as Scotland’s largest independent residential landlord.

The deal, financed by investment company, Infinitas Investments has led to 148 tenancies secured in the purchase of the building and takes Carling Property Group’s portfolio to over 350 properties making them the biggest independent group in Scotland and one of the biggest in the UK.

August 2015: £1m Property Deal Expands Affordable Housing Options in Dundee & Angus

Dundee property development and investment group, Infinitas Investments, has successfully completed a £1million deal which will see an additional 17 affordable housing options become available for tenants in the Dundee and Angus area.

The deal was privately funded by Infinitas Investments, completing the acquisition of 10 one and two bedroom properties in Dundee, as well as The Chance Inn at Inverkeilor. The move will see the former village pub converted into seven affordable residential properties.

May 2015: Infinitas Investments Offer 45 New Affordable Housing Options in Dundee

Dundee property development and investment group, Infinitas Investments, has acquired 45 one and two bedroom flats in the city which will be rented out as affordable housing by its property management company, Carling & Co. Properties. With affordable housing availability at a low in the Tayside area, these new options will have a significant impact on the city’s social housing crisis.

Infinitas Investments, which has attracted investment from across Europe, own rental properties all over the country with many properties in the Dundee and Arbroath area. Owners Graeme and Leanne Carling are committed to providing quality affordable housing for their tenants and are on course to increase their housing portfolio to 1,000 properties within the next five years.

With over a decade of experience investing in the Scottish property market, we have developed a strong insight into the market place and have a proven track record of spotting development and investment opportunities.

Infinitas is first and foremost, a property investment company with the interests of its investors at heart, however we also believe that we can provide affordable housing options whilst delivering a strong return on investment.

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