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Currently the most talked about issue facing the UK investment market, Brexit uncertainty has cause ripple effects across many different sectors and markets. The UK housing market is experiencing a mixed response with the south of UK experiencing asset price depreciation, whilst the north and Scotland experience some growth in property prices. In a recent survey almost all respondents noted that deals were slowing down and investors, sellers and vendors were taking a more cautious approach.

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Landlords continuing to bale out of the property market – as Government intended. The article states, “the main reasons for landlords exiting the market are tax changes, constant regulation and increasing legislation, landlords moving back in to their properties, and lower investment returns, as well as uncertainty over Brexit and what this will mean for the market.”

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So, why invest in the Scottish rental housing market?

“Even if we don’t see the capital growth which has been evident over the past two decades, the income available from property investment can still be attractive compared with other asset classes.”, June 2019

“Scotland’s housing market can expect another relatively strong year ahead, with demand continuing to outstrip supply”, April 2018

Rental price growth north of the border continued to outstrip the rest of the UK with an annual rise of 1.7%, January 2018

There are opportunities for double-digit buy to let rental yields, long-term potential for capital appreciation as well as significant land development sites. As the Scottish economy and population continues to grow in the longer term so we will see more demand for housing, both social and private, which bodes well for the future of the Scottish housing market., November 2017